Altered - Beyond the Gates Starter Deck - Ordis


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Beyond the Gates
Starter Deck

Expected release date is September 2024

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Product Overview

Lead your expeditions Beyond the Gates in this first core set for Altered, a brand new and innovative trading card game.

As one of the Heroes of your Faction, you and your Companion have been sent to discover and bring balance to the nearby regions altered by magical winds. Reunite your Hero and your Companion anywhere on the adventure map to win the game!

Play your first game and learn the rules with this Ordis Starter Deck containing everything you need to play Altered. Starter Decks are perfect for new players: shuffle your cards and you can play with them right away! They contain 40 cards (39 cards + 1 Hero), a rule leaflet, a foldable playmat with the game zones, the 5 Adventure cards, 2 Reminder cards, 1 Foiler card and some markers as well! Once you feel like you know your deck, customize it with Rare and Unique cards from booster packs! Don't forget to scan your cards: adding your cards to your digital collection is needed to unlock all of the digital features Altered has to offer.

In this Starter Deck, you play Sigismar the Strategist, a charismatic general from the Ordis faction. Embodiment of the state, the Ordis dedicate their life to all. Bureaucrats, soldiers, judges, they stand tall as paragons of order and justice. Take command of the Ordis Legion and swiftly secure victory through sheer numbers!

Discover a brand new world
In Altered, you play as the Hero of one of the 6 Factions of the game. Sent on an expedition, you and your Companion are to be the first to rediscover what happened to the Earth, after the Confluence, a magical storm, merged the imaginary world and ours.

Enjoy unique and modern gameplay
Altered brings a lot of new elements to the world of trading card games. With its non-combat based gameplay, Altered is easy to learn and still offers a lot of strategic depth. Enjoy fast-paced turns, a redesigned use of mana and an ingenious Reserve system that changes how you decide to play your cards!

Learn how to play Altered
Altered Starter Decks contain everything you need to play your first game and learn the rules easily. Play with friends and family with only 2 Starter Decks and customize them with booster packs once you feel like you know them.

Deckbuild and manage your collection online
Take your Altered experience online with our digital app. Scan your cards, manage your collection, deckbuild and share your list with your friends, enjoy the lore, trade your cards and participate in local events, all in the same application!

Product Content
● 39 Altered cards + 1 Hero card + 6 Token cards
● 5 Adventure cards (1 Hero Region, 1 Companion Region, 3 Tumult cards)
● 2 Reminder cards
● 1 Warning card
● 1 Foiler card (C)
● 15 markers (6 Hero & Companion Expedition, 1 First Player, 3 Boost, 2 Fleeting, 2 Anchored, 1 Asleep)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review