Devastation of The Imperial Palace Interior Map

Games Workshop

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Traitor vanguards tear towards the heart of the Palace, sensing victory. Desperate gambits are attempted: an unwilling saint is released into the ruins, as well as an enthusiastic sinner. A black sword rises, forged from spite, ready to create a legend. But amid the slaughter, Jaghatai Khan, Warhawk of Chogoris, prepares to launch the most audacious strike of the conflict.

Follow the Khan's attempt to liberate the Lion's Gate space port with this glorious map. It's a standalone version of the one originally presented in the Limited Edition version of Siege of Terra: Warhawk, and depicts the interior of the Imperial Palace.

This A2 (594x420mm) map is a must have for any fan of The Horus Heresy or Siege of Terra series of novels. It's printed on cotton, wrapped in faux leather, and secured with a faux leather cord adorned with an engraved metallic pendant. The map is presented in a matte lamination box, with gold foil blocking.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review