Merchoid: Era Indomitus Desk Mat

Games Workshop

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Product Overview

We created this atmospheric desk mat with our partners at Merchoid, so you can spruce up your painting and work desk surface with the various factions vying for dominance in the 41st Millennium. From the ubiquitous Space Marines to mysterious xenos races, these stunning pieces will inspire you while you sit at your computer desk or paint your models.

The mat is solidly built, 3mm thick, with a rubberised non-slip base and high-quality printed fibre top. The entire mat is waterproof (it should even resist a rogue pot of spilled Nuln Oil, though we don't recommend testing it), and easy to clean. The wide format covers a large area, measuring 80cm wide by 30cm tall, giving you plenty of room to accommodate a variety of possible configurations.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review