Duskmourn: House of Horror Prerelease Pack

Magic the Gathering

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Duskmourn: House of Horror
Prerelease Pack

Expected release date is Sep 20th 2024

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Product Overview

In Duskmourn: House of Horror, players will dare to enter this plane-enveloping House where their fears come to life. Evil manifests Nightmares and Glitch Ghosts and turns toys and shadows lethal. Players may even face the evil within themselves-but they will be rewarded for their bravery. Invite them to come play-it's their skin in the game.

Prerelease is your community's first opportunity to get their hands on the newest Magic: The Gathering release and explore what the set has to offer, and Prerelease Packs are the perfect product to fuel the first events of this new set.

6 Duskmourn: House of Horror Play Boosters; each Play Booster contains 14 Magic cards
1 foil, year-stamped Rare or Mythic Rare
1 Magic: The Gathering Arena code card (only available in select regions)
1 deck box
1 Spindown die
Each Play Booster may contain these cards: DSK 1-367, SPG 64-73. Includes 1-4 cards of rarity Rare or higher (2: 23%; 3: 1%; 4: 1%), and 3-5 Uncommon, 6-9 Common, and 1 Land cards. 1 card of any rarity is Traditional Foil. Traditional Foil Mythic Rare in 1% of boosters. Traditional Foil Land replaces a Land in 20% of boosters.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review