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Star Wars™: Unlimited

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STAR WARS: Unlimited
Store Showdown

Gotham City Hobbies
70 Route 109
West Babylon, NY 11704


  • Event Type: Store Showdown
  • Format: Premier (Constructed)
  • Structure: Swiss rounds based on attendance + Top Cut (If required)
  • Date: June 15, 2024
  • Time: 10:00am
  • Entry: $20 ($25 day of the event)


  • Player Cap: 48
  • Premier (Constructed)
  • Deck Size: 50+
  • Format: Best of 3 (top cut)
  • Time Limit: 55min
  • Number of Rounds: Depending on attendance
  • Decklist Required!

Fillable Decklist:

Printable Decklist:

The primary format of Star Wars: Unlimited, Premier is a constructed format that truly embodies the "unlimited" nature of the game by allowing you to build a deck using any of the cards in your collection. This means that you'll be able to truly express yourself by crafting a deck that perfectly fits your preferred playstyle and strategies.
The Premier format operates under the following rules:
Your deck must consist of exactly one leader, exactly one base, and a minimum 50-card draw deck. You can also have a sideboard of up to 10 non-leader, non-base cards.
Your draw deck cannot include more than three copies of any one card.
The winner of a Premier match is determined by best-of-three games in a 55-minute round.

What is a Store Showdown?
Store Showdowns take the form of a tournament and award prizes for both participation and placement. This is the most competitive that Casual Play gets, but the focus is still on having fun and learning the game, making these events the perfect opportunity for someone to dip their toes into the tournament scene!

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